Thursday, 17 September 2015

Riding the Mountains, getting her home ..

It's a funny thing.. you spend plenty of time preparing for an event and then it's all over so fast. Yesterday we returned home from what I can only describe as a truly epic event.. The Riley, 83yrs old, got us all the way down through France into Spain and over some very tricky mountains.. some 2500 miles! getting as high as up to 4700ft in the Pyrenees.

We certainly had our problems along the way, to include fuel tank holed (really can't prepare for that one!) blown fuses, suspension mods, fried wires, blown bulbs.. the usual and we took plenty of spares with us! .. mechanically she was just amazing, didn't miss a beat. She only over heated once, but we were up high! glad we fitted an electric fan with manual switch : )

tunnelling through the mountains in Spain

Most of the trip is was beautifully sunny, we did however his some torrential rain and thunder coming through France... Difficult driving with no windscreen! but again, proper preparation with wet weather gear is no different to riding a bike. The secret is to stay dry and keep dry.

Lots of other cars and bikes on the tour, to include Porsches, Morgan's and Jaguars..and some 50's bikes..

It's hard work navigating and driving, (and fixing stuff along the way) but that's the challenge. Would I do it again.. YES!!!  question is what car next?

Stay tuned.. the Riley gets a well earned rest and I get back to the Allard.. want to get this finished and fired up next! ..

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